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Procurement Of Autodesk Autocad Map 3d 2014 Commercial New Nlm Licenses For 17 Municipalities


Идентификационный номер проекта P106906
Название Проекта LAND ADMIN & MGT
Страна Черногория
Уведомление № OP00025272
Тип уведомления Приглашение к подаче конкурсных предложений
Состояние уведомления Опубликовано
Номер заявки заемщика MNE-LAMP-7647-ME -ICB-G-13- B.2.3.3
Метод закупок Международные конкурсные торги
Язык уведомления Английский
Крайний срок подачи заявок (дата и время) 10 февраля 2014 года  13:00
Дата опубликования 30 декабря 2013 года


Организация / отдел Ministry of Finance-Technical Service Unit
Имя Mirko Ljesevic
Адрес Jovana Tomasevica bb (Stara zgrada vlade)
Город Podgorica
Провинция / штат Montenegro
Почтовый индекс 81000
Страна Montenegro
Телефон +382 20 201695
Электронная почта mirko.ljesevic@mif.gov.me
вэб-страница Н/п



Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism



Invitation for Bids


Procurementof Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 2014Commercial New NLM licenses for 17 municipalities


Credit No./ 7647-ME

Reference No. : MNE-LAMP-7647-ME-ICB-G-13- B.2.3.3

This Invitation for Bids follows the General Procurement Notice for thisProject that appeared in Development Business on Feb 17, 2009. The Montenegrohas received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction andDevelopment IBRD toward the cost of the Land Administration and ManagementProject. The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism intends to applypart of the proceeds toward payments under the contract, Procurement of Autodesk AutoCADMap 3D 2014 Commercial New NLM licenses for 17 municipalities. 

Technical Services Unit-Ministry of Finance on behalf of the LAMP Project Coordination Unit and the Ministryof SustainableDevelopment andTourism now invites sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for Procurementof Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 2014 Commercial New NLM licenses for 17municipalities.  

Qualifications requirementsinclude:


(a)    Financial Capability

Bidder shall furnishdocumentary evidence that it meets the followingfinancial requirement(s):

  • The minimum required average annual financial turnoverfor the last three years (2010-2012) for the successful Bidder shall be 150,000.00 EUR


    (b)           Experienceand Technical Capacity

    The Bidder shall furnishdocumentary evidence to demonstrate that itmeets the following experience requirement(s):

  • Completion of at least one substantially similar(in terms of size and nature) supplies in the last three years (2010-2012).

  • Successful bidder should have, at the time ofcontract signature, the following support capabilities within the purchaser'scountry and/or on-the site to support all the goods offered under thecontract:The service organization capable of providing first-level telephone responseservice throughout the country /on-the site during regular working hours(8:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday) ensuring connection to a suitably experienced andqualifiedtechnician withinone hour of call origination.

    A marginof preference for certain goodsmanufactured domestically shall not be applied. Additional details are providedin the Bidding Documents. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security inamount of 2,000.00EUR oranequivalent amount in a freely convertible currency.

    A complete set of Bidding Documents inEnglish may be purchased by interested bidders on the submission of awrittenApplication to the address below and upon payment of a non refundablefee 50,00EUR. 

Themethod of payment will be:

Beneficiary:/1-02010666 Ministry of Finance (za otkup tenderske dokumentacije) Podgorica,Montenegro;

Referencenumber: MNE-LAMP-7647-ME-ICB-G-13-B.2.3.3

Accountwith Institution: Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka AD, Moskovska bb, 81000Podgorica Montenegro; SWIFT CODE: CKBC CS 22; ACC.no. 400876851700EUR/400876851700 USD;
Intermediary bank: Commerzbank AG Frankfurt/Main, Germany, SWIFT CODE: COBA DEFF;

ForLocal Payment Acc. Number: 832-1191-19

NOTE:Upon payment of nonrefundable fee please direct your bank to state the mark:"OUR".


Interestedeligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the BiddingDocuments at the address given below from 9.00a.m. to17.00 p.m. every workingday.


Biddingwill be conducted through theInternational Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures, specified in the WorldBank's Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loansand IDA Credit &Grants s by World Bank Borrowers, editionMay 2004, revised October 2006 and it will be open to all biddersfromEligible Source Countries as defined in the Guidelines.


TheBidding Documents will be sent by mail/airmail, or taken by Bidders'representatives at the address below.

Bids must be delivered to the addressbelow on orbefore February 10,2014, until 13.00 local time. Electronic bidding will not bepermitted. Late bidswill be rejected.  Bids will be opened in the presence of thebidders' representatives who choose to attend in person at the address below at13.05 local time February 10, 2014. 

The address referred to above is:

Ministryof Finance

TechnicalServices Unit

Attention: Mr. Mirko Lje?evi?

Jovana Tomasevica bb (Stara zgradavlade)

81000 Podgorica


Telephone : + 382 20 201695

Facsimilenumber: + 382 20201698

Electronicmail address:  mirko.ljesevic@mif.gov.me

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